26 May 2006

I know, I'm about 11 years late to the party...

But, like OMG, selling stuff on ebay is teh funz0r!!!

If all goes well, I plan on doing a lot more selling, lord knows I've got enough things I never use or look at anymore.
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04 May 2006

Still drawing

Update: Playing around with some textures. Revamped some of the inks. Starting to get the hang of this computer + drawing thing. So far in my life, I've only used photoshop for, um, well, photos. I don't know why it's so hard to apply that logic to drawings. I'll get it soon enough I guess.

Decided to draw my character in Oblivion. Gonna do it up big, I even nabbed Dennis' tablet and started using it last night. The problem being, using it only makes me want one of these. Yeah, and watching these doesn't help.

Anyways, did pencils yesterday and started doing a little photoshop painting. Laying down some inks today -- which shows in the pic -- when I get home I'm gonna throw em over the paints. Should be interesting so see how it all comes out in the end. I mean, I haven't drawn seriously in close to nine years.
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02 May 2006

Drawing pictures in sushi bars

I realize I've been on blog walkabout, the writer's block around here has been crippling. I hope to start again soon but for now, hey, at least I'm drawing. Hooked this one up at Tsunami in Annapolis. It felt really good to put pencil to paper again. I was gonna leave it there but Jess was emphatic I take it with me.

I'm kinda glad I did.
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