29 September 2008

Building an Illustration

So I'm doing an illustration to be placed in a friend's book. Jess and I have been building the "set" since last weekend. I took a few shots of it as it is now. We're almost done and the mood is starting to become very apparent.

The last time I did anything like this, I was in college, illustrating a short story my mom wrote. It's exciting to get back into it. I'm enjoying it, even though Jess would argue it's like pulling teeth getting me to work on it.
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06 September 2008

Kyoto Vignette

Here's the first, in hopefully a few, small video vignettes of our trips to Japan.

I've built a new PC and during which I had my primary video hard drive start making the clicking noise of eminent death. It's being RMA'd as I type this. Anyways, I got everything off of it before it died but unfortunately, I have no room to ingest (a Jess word) any of the video from this past trip until the new drive arrives. So, essentially, the short of it is, this is from last year's trip. Deal with it, Ricky.
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