28 September 2006


YAY!!! ya... YAYY!!!!!!!!

Well, can I get a yay for 3rd place anyways? Hey, Jess and I got Loco Roco charms! I know someone whos cell phone is getting totally pimped!
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22 September 2006

More mouth-breathing PS3 fanboyism...

Okay, seriously, the PS3 is gonna make me poor. I wasn't excited at all about it and now it's the only console I want. DAMN YOU SONY!! These people who are making these games, they're just shattering the genre, breaking all the rules of what games are and totally making them the way they should be (have always been). Ever since I was a little kid, all I wanted to do with my life is ride a dragon. It looks like I will finally get my wish.

I submit to you: Lair

[and when the dragon landed on the bridge and started trampling knights and leaving only the charred remains of their hollow husks in it's wake -- that's when I got the raging erection]
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Holy shit! This game will make me drop 600 bucks on a PS3!!!

White Knight Story for PS3:

Seriously, it's the kind of RPG i've been waiting for!

Like, my whole life...

Download or 720p version if you want. (it's worth it)
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15 September 2006

A loco contest!

Jess and I just entered this Loco Roco contest!

Fun ensuses!

*crosses fingers*


"At Loco Roco Tumbleweed Tours we will take you through the life of the authentic old west. At high-noon you'll roll and hop your way through recreations of actual wild-west gunfights! We'll bounce you around a real-life and functioning saloon complete with piano and smarmy pokey locals. We'll squeeze you through the mountains to pan for gold in the afternoon. And that's not all. When the sun goes down experience a real life ghost town while we slide you through a candlelight ghost tour. Lodging at one of our four-star hotels and meals of red berries are provided."
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