19 September 2007

Jon will get a kick out of this.

These screen shots are from Eternal Sonata, in an area down by the pier, in the first large town of the game.

Sound familiar Jon?

A bit like cotton-candy perhaps? I mean, the dude is even down by the PIER! WtF?

I definitely got the weird-chills feeling while reading it.

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12 September 2007

'Drawn to Life' is fun.

Sometimes I have a go at games, especially games that let you create your own character. Nothing quite like watching the villagers praise Mister FF up there. Drawn to Life is a fun enough game but the element that really makes it shine is the ability to draw your own main character. It'd be a very average platformer without that, so I took full advantage.
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07 September 2007

Wheaton + Pineapple, PAX 07

While at PAX we got Ricky a little present. I decided to videotape the event, you know, for posterity. You're welcome, Ricky.
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06 September 2007

JoCo, Code Monkey, PAX 07

Another video from PAX. Joco rocks it on stage in front of a packed (well, close enough) house with Code Monkey. This show really surprised me, I was a fan before but after this show, I became a total crazy fan. Enjoy.
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I'm quoted.

While attending PAX, after we had finished up having Mr. Wheaton sign a picture of a pineapple, Jess and I were approached by a local reporter. He asked us a few questions and said he was writing a piece on PAX. Well, here you go.

"It's amazing. Everybody here gets your jokes. Everybody here understands the lingo," said Paul Petyo, 30, a first-time attendee who traveled to PAX from Crofton, Md., with his girlfriend, Jessica Weiss, 23.

Whole Article Here: Gamers bring wacky ideas to Penny Arcade
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05 September 2007

Minibosses, CastleV, PAX 07

More from PAX 2007. The Minibosses broke out and rocked it up with Castlevania which was one of my favorites of the show. Great performance, but don't just take my word for it. :) Also, sorry for Timmy-Cam, my arm was tired. WHAT?

More to come.
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03 September 2007

JoCo, RE: Your Brains, PAX 07

SO, yeah, my apologies for the zooming and the shakiness, my arm was tired and this is unedited so the zooming looks a little weird. JoCo broke out Re: Your Brains to close out the show and it was seriously epic. The crowd makes this one such a hit and there's an epic recovery toward the end. Such a great show.

Expect more of the footage I shot from PAX in the next month or so.

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