30 July 2008


So I've got this new job. Been here for about 8 months now. So far, so good. It's a lot more creative than my last job and I get to do some pretty cool stuff. For starters, I'm currently drawing a coloring book. Can't really do that in the liquor industry.

Anyways, I'm posting something I've been working on this last week because I think it's pretty cool. Here are the two versions I came up with for a campaign aimed at the college crowd, advertising the local bus 11 that runs from Towson to Canton/Fells Point. Ultimately they ended up going with the second version but, personally, I like the first. What says you?

Version A:

Version B:

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29 July 2008


So yeah, I'm getting a little better at this cooking thing. The last few weeks Jess and I have been trying to cook different things so that we can break out of our Macaroni and Cheese, Tacos, and Spaghetti routine. I've tried my hand at Veggie Fried Rice with good results, also Chicken Fried Rice I'm pretty good at. Jon introduced us to home-made guacamole and Toquitos by grilling up some flank steak, rolling it up in a flour tortilla with pico-de-gio and french fries -- then dipping then frying them in veggie oil. Yeah, those are pretty amazing.

But anyways, here is our latest adventure: Filet Mignon. Jess does the potatoes and I cook the Asparagus and Meat on the grill. Last night, we nailed it, it was PERFECT. Buttery and tender with potatoes broiled in olive oil in a modest presentation.

I hope I just made someone hungry.
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25 July 2008

Destination: Japan

Image up top is a shot Jess took from our first trip.

We're going back.

We couldn't NOT go back.

In a few weeks we'll be on a plane over an ocean. With nothing but a few suitcases between us, our DSs in tow -- the flight will be an eternity. However, we're not going alone this time. No, we've arranged for reinforcements.

Load up: Ricky, Jacy, Jess and Paul!

We're a Voltron of volition. The Captain Planet of... um, nevermind. Captain planet sucked.

We're going to meet up with Tbor, the Heavy Metal Chef Jess and I met last year. He's going to show us the Tokyo night-life and possibly host a BBQ. We're going to some Shinto shrines and to a place called "Joypolis."

I do not expect to come back the same man.

I need this. I've come to a conclusion in my life, where hours blend into days, blend into weeks, blend into months -- there's just something peaceful about being in a place where you don't speak the native language. Everything slows down. The little things don't matter. You disappear. To me, I've never felt so free in my life.

Yes, we're going back. Escaping the maze, together.
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Posting some pics...

So here goes. These are from a while ago.

The boys! Twisp in the foreground, Pino in the background.

The JoCo Show with Paul and Storm! \m/

My wicked-ass Easter basket that the Easter bunny (Jess) brought me!

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