08 October 2008

The emasculating affair...

of the cat birthday.

OR: How I learned to celebrate Twisp and Pino's First Litterday.

Anyways, the boys turned one-year-old yesterday and we celebrated in high fashion as you'll see in the gallery below. We made party hats, wrapped and unwrapped presents and had cake and ice-cream. Kitty-Grandma came over for the celebration and was met with meows and headbutts.

All in all it was a good evening, even if I can't freaking believe I'm typing and posting this humiliation to the world.

Next year, I vote we have it in a bowling alley.
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07 October 2008


This picture is awesome. Like, so awesome. At this point, I think we were very hot and tired. I could be wrong though, this could have been in the morning, we rode the subway all damn day. Wouldn't change it for anything though.
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03 October 2008

Shinjuku Arcades + Pics

Slapped this one together last week. Arcades from the 2008 trip. NEW FOOTAGE! I'll be working on a few more of these.

Street Fighter 4 is EPIC! I should have played that more. That Silent Hill light-gun game was pretty fun too, though, it took all the creepiness out of what makes Silent Hill, you know... Silent Hill.

ALSO: Here's a TON of images from our trip mostly taken by Jacy and Jess. I was busy filming and Rick was busy being an unhelpful mustard-hating dumbass-american.

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