29 September 2010

Shark's Teeth

Here's a little diddy, goes something like this:

Down by the ocean,
where the water meets the sand.
I found a baby shark's tooth,
and took it in my hand.

Up and down the beach,
shells sticking too our toes.
Where'd that dog come from?
I'm not sure anybody knows.

When the last tooth was found,
and everyone was tired.
We drove to find the Tasty Freeze

The end.
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22 September 2010

Meanwhile, over there...

Just a little note here to the 3 of you who check this blog. Over on Bonus Level I've started posting my 4 part story of how all the hosts of Bonus Level Radio (Lance, Jess and I) found each other during the great zombie apocalypse. It's a road story to Destination World Salvation.  It was fun to write so check it out if you get the chance.  I'll be updating sporadically over there so stay tuned. Part one is right here.

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21 September 2010

Cancun 2010

Jess and I decided we needed to get away for a week. We picked a destination warm and sunny, found a price in the budget and just went. It was the first vacation that wasn't planned more than 4 months out. It felt kinda nice to just pick a place and be gone within a month.

What can I say about Cancun? Hmm, it's hot. It's beautiful. Iguanas are rad. Jeeping through the jungle is bumpy. Zip lines are fast. Snorkeling can either be hours of fun or absolutely terrifying. Diego, our Scuba instructor was straight out of a late night Cinemax presentation. Vacation friends make going out to dinner more enjoyable. Drinking fruity drinks on the beach is more manly than you'd think. Try not to drink the tap water unless you want a fast 48 hour weight loss program. :)

Here are some pics:

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12 July 2010

Dead Future Issue 5 Cover

So here's the final cover for Issue 5 of Dead Future or what I like to call, more of those pesky space zombies that are all the rage.

Comprised of various found textures and costumes as well as some reference shots of Jess in our basement, this took about 4-5 hours to create with time factored in for photography and lighting.

If you're interested make sure to head over to www.thedeadfuture.com for the on going webcomic. Also, if you're on facebook, please friend the Dead Future page.

UPDATE: I made a super special wall paper. Click on that top image for full 1920x1200 glory. Also, here is the cover both with and without the title and bug.

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Munchkin Quest is Rad

So, our neighbor -- who's name also happens to be Paul -- came over on Saturday for some late night Munchkin Quest. We all stayed up until about 1am, listening to Avalanches, learning the rules, laughing and having an excellent time. When the Canadians come down, we're definitely going to have to get Paul back over from some gaming excellence.

As far as Munchkin Quest goes, it works a lot like regular Munchkin, though it has more D&D elements thrown in for flavor. There are about a billion game pieces to keep track of and the board itself gets built randomly as you progress, opening new rooms and monsters to fight. The general strategies of help/screw your neighbor still apply and make for one hell of an interesting end-game. If you have the means, definitely check it out. It's totally worth your time. I mean, where else can you fight a level 20 goldfish as a final boss?
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09 June 2010

Stitchwork Poster

A little poster illustration I worked up for Martin to garner interest in his new project, Stitchwork. I'm kinda proud of the level of creepy on this one. Felt nice to break out of the zombie routine and make something more like a monster or a demon. I hope to do more projects like this once life settles a bit and the house is at a point where I dont have to fix something every few hours. sigh* Adulthood.
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