26 April 2011

Stuff & Things

Just putting up a post here to show some of the things I've been working on lately. Life has been kinda hectic. We did some landscaping in the front yard and our grass is just now coming in. We're excited... yes, excited for grass.  Lame.  Also, we've got a large canvas and we're going to attempt a large painting for our living room. I'll post pics when we're done. It's going to be quite the undertaking.

On to the artwork.

The Octoro Illustration I did for Jess up top there is probably my most favorite of all my work these days.  I just kept building and building on it, increasing the epicness as I went along.  Some of the other work was for Kidthulhu and Dead Future and those are below. I created a retro type-treatment for the Kidthulhu Infinity Issue as well as a t-shirt design for Dead Future as we bring that project to an end.  Also worked up a logo and mock-up Wordpress template for our new Tummel Vision moniker that we will release the all-ages comics through. Martin figured this was better than lumping bloody zombies in with the cute stuff.  So, yeah, I think it's the right decision.


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25 March 2011

New Bonus Level Logo GET!

New logo/icon design for Bonus Level.  Click for a fancy wallpaper size to sprucify your desktop.

So, yeah. I've been on vector kick like a champ the last few days.  Got the idea this morning and had to illustrate it. Took about 2 hours or so from sketch to final.  Played around with some different ideas but settled on this.  Love it, can't stop looking at it.  I've been struggling with the BL logo for a while now so this is a bit of a personal triumph.  Que: Jonathan Coulton.
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23 March 2011

Kidthulhu Shirts

T-shirt design for the comic Kidthulhu. Got the idea driving home last night and it made me laugh.  Had some time so I just banged it out.  All vector, took about 3 hours from pencil sketch to completion.  More details about where and when you can purchase one coming soon.

O R'LYEH?  (It's so easy to amuse myself.)
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09 March 2011

Kidthulhu Header

A type treatment for the header of the comic Kidthulhu I did for Grim Crew. Martin kept telling me about the book and I kept seeing awesome illustrations from Jason, the artist and I just had to involve myself some how. So here it is. I'm pretty proud of it. This is one of those pieces that never changes from concept stage to final product. It was a single vision all the way through. This will grace the cover that will be drawn by the extremely talented Mike Dubisch. I'm glad everyone likes it. Here's to doing more of these.
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18 February 2011

Flying Totoros

Just a little update here.  New drawing from me and my awesome Cintiq.  Loving this thing, must get better at using it.  But yeah, here's a Totoro wallpaper I made.  This thing took forever and a lot of trial and error to get everything right.  The actual PSD file has like 500 layers because I don't know what I'm doing. :)  Anyways, enjoy.

Oh, also, I had a birthday and it was awesome. Had a small get-together at the house over the weekend.  The Canadians sent me a sweet care-package of coffee crisps and maple syrups which I'm guessing they packaged illegally and sent across the border in some kind of coke-mule.  I'm betting Demelo was that mule.  But I digress.

Also Paul and Steven took me out to Fogo de Chao and I was forced to walk off a ton of meat.  I wouldn't have had it any other way.  Thanks to everyone for a great week.

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05 January 2011

New Year and Tron Stuff

First off, Happy New Year to everyone out there in internet land.  There was a lot about 2010 that sucked but there was also a lot that was awesome, like Jess and I buying our first house, seeing our PAX buddies, feeding the duckies, etc.  Second off, I know it's been a while since my last post and for the four of you who read this blog, my apologies. I can't say that I will post more in the future, because, well, we know how well I keep to a regular blogging schedule these days.  Third off, Jess got me a Wacom Cintiq for Christmas and it is very awesome. I've been using it for a little while now and hope to get the full hang of it soon. I can say right now, it's changed the way I approach Photoshop all together.  Fourth off, I made this illustration of Quorra from Tron Legacy using it and loved every second of it. I hope to do more of these until i get more comfortable drawing on my own and not from a photograph.  HOPE YOU LIKE FAN ART!  Fifth off, I also made a wallpaper as you can see from the image up top.  Download it if you like.


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