06 September 2007

I'm quoted.

While attending PAX, after we had finished up having Mr. Wheaton sign a picture of a pineapple, Jess and I were approached by a local reporter. He asked us a few questions and said he was writing a piece on PAX. Well, here you go.

"It's amazing. Everybody here gets your jokes. Everybody here understands the lingo," said Paul Petyo, 30, a first-time attendee who traveled to PAX from Crofton, Md., with his girlfriend, Jessica Weiss, 23.

Whole Article Here: Gamers bring wacky ideas to Penny Arcade


Jon said...

You're so "wacky", Paul.

Beautiful agony said...

I love how it seems like I was taggin along casue you did not want to go alone. Which is funny casue I was the one that wanted to go more then you and suggested that we go. Damn you Paul Petyo. I'm allways overshadowed by you. Damn you to hell. One day I'll get my justice one day.

P.S. Stop copying me I posted this frist.!!!

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