10 July 2007


Jess and I will be on a plane for 14 hours. Then we'll be in a place neither of us has ever been before. A place we've only read about, seen pictures of and heard people talk about. Until tomorrow, this place only exists for us through pictures and videos on the net. Through stories and travel-logs. It seems I've been preparing myself for tomorrow for the better half of two years. We're in the 11th hour and the clock is about to strike. The anticipation is almost unbearable.

I'm wrapping things up here at work today with a nice little bow. The plan is to leave nothing unfinished before I leave.

We've packed as much as we can for the moment. The rest will get packed tonight, leaving tomorrow morning for miscellaneous things like the toothbrushes and shampoo. Dropping off our pepper plants at Sean and Steph's for watering and loving. Making the last minute arrangements and getting things in order. Counting our Yen once more. Checking, for the 40th time, if I've packed my passport.

The HD camcorder arrived yesterday. A Sony HVR-A1U. Tapes have been bought. Tested. Tinkered with. Awesomeness has been witnessed.

This is going to work out nicely, me thinks. I just hope we aren't sitting next to some screaming child for 14 hours.

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Beautiful agony said...

AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! I am so excited!!!!

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