28 August 2007

Japan / PAX (JaPAX)

I've gone to Japan and I am back. I've gone to PAX and, I am back from that as well. I'm changed. My thirty-year cocoon, shed. It's not an external change so much as it's internal. In fact, I personally am the only one who knows of such a change.

From now until the end of days, I will walk this earth forlorn. A hollow husk, never as alive as I was for two months in the late summer of two-thousand-seven. For the most part I'm not going to speak or write about Japan or PAX. I have shot 5 hours of video on each trip. I have 17 minutes of Japan edited so far and it tells the story better than I could ever hope to in text form. Japan is not a place you can be told about, so I would be doing everyone a great disservice attempting to recant my follies in the east. The video stands on its own. It's beautiful and I hope to upload what I have finished right on this very page this afternoon using the new blogger video upload tool. So look for that. It's a promise I mean to keep. Just know that the original video is shot in 1080i so a small low resolution version on the web will not do it justice.

As for PAX, well I would love nothing more than to do that for a living. Going to conventions with a media pass. Filming new video games, filming interviews with developers. Documenting the event. It was both amazing and saddening at the same time. Bumping elbows with people who have my dream job, often times shooting the exact same thing.

Expect small video uploads of some of the highlights here. I also plan on making a "mega-mix" of all of PAX that will be longer. I've got some great footage and funny soundbytes to put together. I mean, I have Tycho on stage saying: "bring a coffin motherfucker!" and Wil Wheaton telling Jack Thompson to suck his balls. I expect it will be nothing less than awesome.

From here on out, I am me only in name. Everything else that was me is gone. I only resemble what you remember out of the necessity for continuity.

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