29 May 2008

A champion of companiez!

So, today, the CEO of the company Jess works for announced that after firing 50+ employees, they would be buying a Wii to boost morale.

It makes perfect sense.

Hello, Stacey? Hi, this is Steve, from accounting? Yeah, hi. I'm fine. Listen, my Mii isn't mingling with Barbara's Mii. You know, Barbara, our receptionist? Right, I know, but it's upsetting and making for a very hostile work environment. Yes, I realize that. Isn't there anything you can do though? No, I haven't checked my network settings, what would that have to do with it? Yes, I've tried turning it off and on again. LOOK! I've ALREADY called I.T., they told me this was an H.R. problem!


Rebecca said...

WIIIIII! All better now.

Mavlock The Midnightman said...

Your world scares mii.

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