12 December 2008

Our first Tree.

With stockings hung from the chimney with care,
my heart will grow 3 sizes this Christmas, I SWEAR!

It's true, Christmas spirit has been in low supply the last few years, something I plan to remedy this year if it kills me. Presents have been purchased, even the boys have a stocking.

There will be things to do on Christmas day. Things other than shuffling from here and there, mustering up just enough emotion to convince myself I'm still a human being.

I remember a post I wrote about Christmas being different when you're older. Like looking at a bicycle when you're nine-years-old, and looking at a bicycle now, at thirty-one. How it's smaller and serves a different purpose. Yeah... let's see if we can change that, at least for a few days.

Christmas is going to be new again. So if you run into me, and for some reason I'm more annoying than usual, well -- at least you'll know why.

Oh, and I just checked my watch (computer), and yes -- I'm overdue for my annual viewing of Scrooged.


Jacy said...

thats a nice picture

Paul said...

:) Thanks and I cropped it in such a way as to not show the lack of presents underneath!

Anonymous said...

You can do it, man.

I like to read about calendars and the history of celebrations to remind myself of the perennially creative aspects over what I consider to be forced and fake aspects.

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