29 January 2009

The Grim Furry Tales

So I worked up a cover for Martin's book. I've never really worked in this style before and I enjoyed it immensely. Colorized from black and white with illustrations added in. Plus you know, Jess has a tree growing out of her head. A welcomed diversion from bus wraps and pop-up displays.

You can pre-order the book here if you wish.

He says he's gonna have another project for me in the future involving zombies, that should be a fun one. Gonna have to put out the call to all friends willing to be photographed and zombified.

Here's a detail of the characters:


Mavlock The Midnightman said...

Hell yes my friend, HELL YES!

Already written three of the stories for the next book. I am not starting anything else on that till after megacon. Otherwise I will most likely burn out big time.

Jon said...

Awesome dude!

Jacy said...

i think you need to take jess to the doctor for that "people in the head" problem.

Ricky said...

where does that bear work out? i wanna get RIPPED like he is.

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