21 February 2006

Bandwidth for days

I just got my bandwidth allotment upped to 50gigs a month and I don't have to pay any extra for it! In celebration I decided to throw up a new splash page for www.petyonuggets.com. The new page now houses links to such wonderful things as my resume (!excitement!) and our project greenlight videos (!1,2,3!), as well as links to this place here, and my deviant page.

Fancy, I know.
Please, for the good of mankind, try to contain yourself.

I also decided to up the finished version of The Secret Room, the one with the redone sound and full credits. All videos are now of a higher quality as well, meaning their file sizes are larger and the videos themselves are more respectable in dimensions.

True, this is all shameless self-promotion but what the hay.

And as always, there is a permanent link to 'teh nuggets' over there (-->) in the sidebar... that I have no doubt no one pays attention to.

In other news, there was a very special trip to a restaurant with the initials R.R. that i'm excited to share. More with that later.


momster squad said...

Did you mosey on over there and fix it your-self?

Paul said...

LOL!! I totally did and it was everything I knew it could be.

Beautiful agony said...

ahhaha now all you have to do is make a 10 min movie about all you have done with all the awards you have and then i can work for you;)

Paul said...

hahah!! copperfield jokes!

belario said...

yummy new spread for version 2.0 - but i'll always have a speacial place in my heart for b-more skull fuskers.

i completely adore how your mom reads and leaves comments on your blog.

Paul said...

sigh* yeah, she's pretty cool sometimes.


Lever said...

woah.... that's a f*cking pretty holding page... when you ganna launch, dude?

Tam said...

Nuggies! Where ya been? No posts for like 2 months? How's life?

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