07 February 2006


My birthday comes the day after Groundhog's Day, February the 3rd. I've always associated the two. The ritual of watching a rodent come out of the ground -- seeing whether or not he's going to be afraid of his shadow -- it all seems apropos around this time.

Not unlike the movie of the same name, this past year has shown me a lot. Everyday I would wake up and feel stuck. Stuck in the same day over and over again, until one day, I get it right. Only for me, it didn't mean turning around and finding the one I love -- it meant being left behind. It was the kick in the pants I needed to start living.

This year, on my birthday, I saw my shadow and I wasn't afraid. I was embraced by friends and family alike. And maybe, if Punxsutawney Phil was greeted the same way I was, he wouldn't have been so quick to bury his head back in that hole.

These people in my life, they're irreplaceable. They're everything.

For me, right now, the harsh winter is over.


DelTron said...


kbryna said...

i'm glad your birthday made you happy. but i think you should find a better power animal than a groundhog.
maybe a panda? i think Panda could work for you.......

Paul said...

the groundhog says "slide"

kbryna said...

holding that groundhog is that guy's job

i wonder how he feels about that.

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