14 July 2006

Paul Petyo is on vacation.

I know, hard to believe right? So yeah, I'm in the mountain land of Colorado, doin' it up real big. Gonna be gone the 15th - 22nd. That's 7 days with no computer, no email, no blogger.

When I return I'll be changed. I'll have been lumberjacking, climbing steep hills, panning for gold, wearing flannel and running from bears. A new man -- a new bearded man -- with wisdom and artifacts (and hopefully gold) to share (not the gold) for the ages.

Ciao, space cowboy.



Beautiful agony said...

I MISS YOU!!!! I need my Wooly Mammoth. Sleeping along sucks. come back soon.

H said...

Better mountains than the Appalachians, I expect... but IS there a Dukes of Hazzard Museum? I submit that there is NOT. Hope your trip is amazing. I'd love to see some pics. :) -h

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