30 March 2007

You're dead to me, March.

You had to get one last kick in didn't you? Are you satisfied? Driving to get something to eat today, my car just stopped working. Lost acceleration, all lights on dash come on. Eff you March, this is the last straw. You're dead to me.


Mavlock The Midnightman said...

The time, near about then or now. The place, a dimly lit office. A desk lamp throws a cold glow over a finely chiseled face. The man's composure that of a master. A master of his craft.

He reflects on the fallen game pieces before him, the last one some form of mutilated chess piece. It is a cross between a skull and a bishop. The game piece stares up at him with dead defiance.

Prompted by this the man speaks.

"I win." says March, "I win."

(Sorry as soon as I read this, that is what I saw. Hope April comes in with open arms, and plenty of comfort.)

Jon said...

"You're dead to me, Can Opener!!"

Man I totally know how you feel. Sometime I need to tell the story of when my Hyundai died. It was a humiliating affair.

(ps: never buy a Hyundai)

Beautiful agony said...

No don't ever buy a used one.

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