03 April 2007

Yippie-kye-ay Mister Falcon!

So yeah, the car died. It's gonna cost me $1200 roughly, and cross our fingers that there is no engine damage. So far so good.

Fucking timing belt, I JUST had the timing belt replaced and while I'm not 100% convinced this isn't the shop's fault, I'm kinda stuck now.

Yeah, so apparently there is something called a tensioner that holds the timing belt in place. I went into the shop and had them show me. They said THAT is what failed and when it did, it snapped my brand new timing belt. I'm still not satisfied with the answer but I feel better about it than I did yesterday. They still wont come down on the price but at least I'm getting another timing belt for free. Guess they felt they could throw me a bone.

Bottom line, this should never have happened. I don't understand why you'd replace the timing belt and not the thing that holds it in place. Well, it's all getting replaced now. Timing belt, tensioner, pulleys, waterpump. Everything that touches the timing belt is being replaced. Let's just hope there was no damage done to the engine when the thing snapped.

Whatever. Fuck cars.

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