18 October 2007

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Co-Op Legendary on the Tsavo Highway
Posted by Tenebrous ReX at 10/18/2007 7:43 AM PDT
Jess, Rick and I played some Co-Op Legendary down the Tsavo Highway on Monday night while the mongoloids were watching their footballs.

On Sunday -- during a short round of Halo 3 -- Jess' 360 was KIA. True Spartans are never listed as such, however, let's call a spade a spade and move forward. The last suit she'll ever wear should be arriving post-haste.

We mourned her death in a celebration of life, while gunning down brutes in the late hours of Monday evening. Through split-screen on the box in the bedroom we joined Rick via LIVE and were off and gunning (see what I did there?) before we knew it.

The tasks set up through the Legendary difficulty are only surmountable for us in a co-op experience. I'm sure that goes for most. With a quick check through the bungie.net ranks -- for the most part, if you're playing Legendary, you're not playing it alone. And here's the reason: it's hard.

Taking out the three tanks mid-level proved especially difficult, since, you know, there are freaking THREE of them. But it wasn't that area which took us the longest to derive a victory. Sometimes, all it takes is one well-positioned cannon to turn the tides, and for us -- at 8:30pm Monday evening -- it was as if we were stuck in a Halo purgatory for about 45 minutes.

Die. Re-spawn. Rinse. Repeat.

Jess and I stormed a single tank as it crested the horizon. Surrounded by brutes on all sides, armed with deadly accuracy, rocket launchers and brute shots -- it seemed we were bested. With Rick holding up a sniping position and spawn point from a safe distance it took us a good many deaths and plasma grenades to finally come out victorious.

As the dust settled, it was hard to tell who struck the finishing blow. It didn't matter to us. There was a war on and we had more battles to fight. We mounted up a beaten-down Warthog and rode into the distance, following the sound of gunfire until the sun set.

Why we started our Legendary tour of duty with that level, I'll never know.

GG guys. GG.

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Jon said...

I am stuck on the first tank you gotta fight on that level--when you're in the bunkers and the loads of brutes keep droping off. I'm doing it alone. It's hard. I keep running out of ammo. I've spent as much time on this one bunker as I did on both levels 1 and 2 Legendary combined.

Paul said...

yeah, that's the part to which i was referring. it's insane! jet-packs AND a tank AND missile launchers AND brute shots! Bungie is laughing it up right about now. I picture 343 Sparks behind the madness. Fucking rampant AIs.

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