03 October 2007

Halo makes me kinda bossy.

Yeah, so, I forgot what I turn into when I play Halo. I kinda start to boss people around. I'm not as bad as some. But I'm definitely not a saint either. I wonder what it is about Halo specifically? I mean, I don't do that when I play something like Rainbow 6: Vegas. Maybe it's the whole space marines thing.

I used to play in my friend Chuck's front yard when I was little. We'd play "Aliens" and we'd all be space marines. As I recall, I think there were times when I got a little bossy then too. Picture chubby me, maybe nine or ten years-old, barking orders to other kids while chewing on my imaginary cigar in my very real Reebok Alien Stomper look-alike knock-offs.

Please allow a chubby child his rite of passage.


So there's a cool new feature in Halo 3 that allows you to watch a replay of any of the rounds or matches you've played. You can slow-mo, freeze-frame, change camera position and even take screen shots. I find myself taking pictures more often than actually "playing." It's a blending of my two lives that I wasn't really prepared for.

Come to think of it, I'm a little bossy when I play Gears of War too. Oh well, some things never change.

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boop! boop! boop! BOOP!


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