24 August 2005


I went out on a date with Kelly last night. We ate at Big Fish and went to see The Wedding Crashers.

****** Very Mild Spoilers Ahead ******

Leave it to Vince Vaughn to have me almost falling out of my theater seat laughing within the first two minutes he's on screen. Really, he might be the fastest talking, comedic actor in Hollywood right now. And it's funny, when you think of comedic actors Vince Vaughn isn't a name that directly pops into your head. It should though, he's been great since Swingers.

Needless to say the movie is great. Yeah, it's the same story that's been told before. Funny con-man cons lots of girls then finds one he loves, girl loves him back, guy gets caught in con, girl is hurt, girl is set to marry asshole but all ends well. Awww. Thanks Hollywood.

So yeah, the vacation might be the same, with the same destination but it's the actual voyage and the stops along the way that make this movie so great. Well, that and Vince Vaughn.

****** Very Mild Spoilers Over ******

I mentioned that Kelly and I went on a date. We've been seeing each other for close to a year and a half now and it feels like things have kinda slumped a bit. The new has worn off. We got comfortable. We don't call each other as much, though we still do so everyday. Things are different now though. There isn't that rush to see the other person. Though when I haven't seen her for a couple of days I still get that need to hug her and hold her. I probably don't express that need enough. I don't know if that works both ways.

This happens to every relationship I guess, and like anything else, it just needs a bit of polishing to get that shine back up to the surface. We've talked about it. We can't really imagine not having one another in our respective lives. We do love each other, I just think there's a lot of pressure from outside forces.

We're at that age when a lot of our friends are getting married and I think it weighs heavy on our minds. I'm in no rush and neither is she, but this pressure, it gets overwhelming sometimes. We both don't want to "waste each other's time." As if either of us could. We have fun together.

But still. There is that nagging pressure. "You're 28, you should find the person you're going to settle down with and if this person doesn't want to settle down with you then just cut ties." I don't want to be with anyone else, and as far as I know, neither does she. But like I said, we're in no rush. So where does that put us? Growing older together with no plans for the future? Living in the now?

I talked about it the other day with a third party and came to the conclusion that it's the nature of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. Kelly and I both have it. O.C.D. is about having order, and categorizing things, keeping things straight and neat. Tidy. Above all else though O.C.D. is about not making mistakes. It's about planning and leaving as little room for error as possible.

So here we are, the great big unknown. This could just be one giant mistake, who knows? Should we stay and walk into it together? Or should we part ways not knowing if things will be better on the other side without one another?

I wanna let it ride, stay together, see how things turn out down the line.


Jon said...

I'm single, why don't you date me? Fucker.

Paul said...

Jon, I don't even understand that logic.

Jon said...

Look I haven't slept in like 30 hrs. I feel like the 6 million dollar man, but like the subsidized version where poor ghetto kids got to spraypaint on me to prove that we gave money to their schools. My left leg is an alligator.

DelTron said...

Vince Vaughn has never made me that introspective...

I must see this movie now!!!

P.S. You know where I live if you need to chat it up, foo!

H said...

Being the older, wiser one, I've been where you are now. The only thing I can offer is to suggest that you do exactly whatever you feel like doing and be true to yourself. If it feels right and you're comfortable, then continue, regardless of societal pressures. If you're questioning or uneasy, then confront those feelings and make your choices to best help Yourself. Sometimes the decisions are difficult, sometimes not, but at least you always can depend on being true to yourself...the one person you're truly stuck with for the rest of your life.

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