30 August 2005

the blog of yore

I wrote this durring my stint on myspace. I'd like to bring all those writings over here eventually. I'm an organizer. Sue me.

Originally posted: Friday, July 09, 2004

Hey, remember that Final Fantasy game?
Yeah, that’s all I remember.

“Yeah man, so then I went into that room full of those reds and wasted every single one of em. Then I took the flag and ran it all the way back to my base with guys on my tail. Rockets whizzing past my ears, jumping and strafing past enemy spawn points. Yeah, I remember that. Best day of my life!”

I grow increasingly aware that I am running low on real memories. The biggies stick out. The day I got my learners permit, first girl, first videogame console, that time I, um, I, ahhhh. God, what did I do with my life?

See this is what I mean. I am cognizant of the fact that, for me, digital memories are clearer in my mind than actual real life experiences. I remember the exact time of day I beat Chrono-Trigger for the first time. 5:25pm, after school, 12th grade, April and rainy. The cat was staring at me, looking to get on my lap. Sorry puss, I gotta fight Lavos and he’s a mean motherfucker! You know he destroyed the planet in 2300AD right? Back up off me! Gimme some space!

I could even tell you what I had for lunch that day. Leftover, microwave-heated, pizza. Pepperoni, sausage. I know because it gave me heartburn but I wouldn’t have gotten up if there were a BFG pointed at my head.

Oh and don’t get me started on Ninja Gaiden or Strider, Bionic Commando, or Duck Tales. I’m actually certifiable.

I still remember the death of Aeris at the hand of Sephiroth in Final Fantasy VII. I remember that pain like it eviscerated me yesterday.

Okay now ask me about something in real life that should have some significance. Like when, say, I got my first car. That’s a biggie right? Yeah, it’s not there. At least not in that kind of detail. I remember it was black, and I wanted to tint the windows. I think it was a Ply? Mouth? Something like that, whatever, it’s long gone, and the only thing in its place is a brain full of time-trial races, frags, and jumping puzzles.

This is your life and its ending one checkpoint at a time.

I guess the right thing to do would be to sue game companies for the loss of my memory. I have Pixilated Alzheimer's. Techno Amnesia. Digital Dementia. Watch, I bet it’ll be in the medical books soon enough.

No really, who wants to bet?


Locke said...

*sob*sob* Aeris...

Anonymous said...

me too - i beat goonies

Paul said...

:) i think i know who anonymous is...

HA! Losing Aeris totally made me cry.

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