07 September 2005

It's about time

It only took almost three years of me bitching and complaining, but finally, my job as outfitted me with a new computer. It's GLORIOUS!! For real, bigups to them for hookin' it proper.

This marks the first time I have a better computer at work/school than I have at home. I'm gonna have to deal with that.

For a frame of reference I was working with a Pentium II 800mhz with 512mb of ram, a 40gb Hard Drive and two crappy eye straining 19inch CRT Monitors. Yeah, they thought I could graphic design on that. I'm now on a Pentium IV 3.4Ghz with 2gigs of ram and a 350gb Hard Drive. Not to mention an Nvidia 128 Quatro card and enough bells and whistles to choke a large animal.

My soul is finally at rest.


DelTron said...

That's MACK!!!

Now I want two....

Paul said...

ha! I knew you would.

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