08 September 2005

It's official

I've gone full blown nerd. I just crossed that line and jumped out of my casual nerd dolor and right into the throes of full-on-mega-nerd.

I just got in my first argument over anime.

Do I get a fucking medal now? Maybe I transform into a car or some shit.

Please, someone, ANYONE, break this curse!


Jon said...

You may now add 4 months to your Will Not Get Laid table.

Paul said...

word, WTF was i thinking?

Bone said...

this situation is def a no win one... people (including myself) get very opinionated when it comes to anime. like for example, the best anime ever is by far Neo Genesis Evangelion. if you try to argue with me, i am likely to grab you by the throat and rip your tounge out. better to just not go there.

Jon said...

Except that the best anime ever is Samurai Champloo, which means you've already been defeated in this battle, and by yourself for being such a silly gaijin (baka!).

Your anime is teh suX0rs.

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