20 September 2005

A word for today.

If I had to sum up the way I've felt about the last couple of days at work in one word, that word would be: immure.

To enclose within walls, or as if within walls; hence, to shut up; to imprison; to incarcerate.

This isn't the kind of place that brings one great joy, this is the kind of place that breaks one's spirits. Mad and cackling, riding your back into the distance of some desolate landscape. No end in sight.

When you explain to a man that in order to design the page he wants, you need product shots and graphics of the stuff he's selling, and when this man looks at you blankly -- as a child would if you tried to describe to them thermo dynamics -- and expresses to you that it's your job, that you should 'make' them, it takes every ounce of your being not to scream obscenities in his face.

How am I supposed to 'make' a bottle of Martell Cognac? Especially with nothing to go on.

Maybe his childlike wisdom was lost on me. Maybe he was indeed suggesting that I 'make' one. Literally. With hops and barley and age it in oak casks for 12 years until one would describe it as sweet perfection. At which point I could photograph it and drink from it's contents until I was surely dead of alcohol poisoning.

Ah, sweet, sweet poison.


DelTron said...

You mean those monkeys that flew out of your ass just now didn't say anything about procuring that info?

I bet they didn't even pay the rental fees...

Damn flying monkeys.

Beckett Amelia Hughes said...

amazing photos.

Bone said...

i swear the rest of the world is made up of a bunch of retards. how do they all make more money than me?

Jon said...

Try a new word. I know it well:

Main Entry: in·ure
Pronunciation: i-'nur, -'nyur
Function: verb
Inflected Form(s): in·ured; in·ur·ing

transitive senses : to accustom to accept something undesirable

Tam said...

Hey-how's life aside from being stuck in a box dealing with morons?
Did Chris tell you we're having another girl? He's doomed!

Anonymous said...

hey I am inured no longer.....I QUIT TODAY!

Lori said...

whoops - that was me who quit.
i guess i am one of those retards who should be making all that money

Jon said...

Go Lori!

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