13 September 2005

Driving Blind

Every morning in the early fall there is a strech of road I drive made of pure light. It's there, waiting, just around the corner from my house. Every morning is a test.

For ten seconds my windshield might as well be my tunnel to the afterlife. The sun reflects in such a way and at such an angle that it makes it impossible to see a foot in front of my car. I'm completely blind. Wipers? They only make it worse.

I simply want to get to work.

Every morning in the early fall it's my ten second leap of faith. My silent prayer that today wont be the day that changes the rest of my life. My test.

Today I passed.


Jon said...

Paul hax0red the road.

(unlike Dennis who hax0rs his car [gay!])

Paul said...

well, I just Hax0rz my alarm clock.

that makes me more gay.

I had to though, I totally tinted it down, that 1337 blue glow of the numbers was too bright.


I need to slam it now, get it rollin' on dubs with my own show on MTV, or whatever the kids watch these days.

Jon said...

Just don't pimp your electric razor.

Lori said...

Hey it's not Tuesday!

Bone said...

i do the same thing in the winter.. if i'm lazy (and i always am) and i don't scrape my windshield like i should, i start to drive off and am blinding by the sun for a good 7-10 seconds. i used to stick my head out my open window, but thats too cold and i stopped doing that. i do what you do.. i roll with it.

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