22 September 2005

I want to play truant tomorrow.

Who's with me? Actually, I want to play truant today, right now. This week has been pretty hard and I feel like I deserve it. Like somehow it's owed to me though I know any angle of that thought is absurd.

Still, though.

All I want to do is go home, work-out for a little bit, throw some weights around, then play Ninja Gaiden until my eyes bleed. Or at least until I've dried my infinite well of profanity.

That game pisses me off, but I love it, but it pisses me off.

We <3 Katamari is also great but sadly it doesn't run in progressive scan and thus looks one notch above dog-shit on my projector. Oh well. I just wish the PS2 had the foresight to include progressive scan and make developers utilize it like the Xbox did.

While I was picking up Katamari I also grabbed another wireless PS2 controller. Mainly because the co-op mode in there is supposed to be real fun and I need more co-op games and thus more controllers.

Buying this controller, holding it, I no longer feel tethered by the shackles of my youth. The many years of having to sit four to six feet from my televison deliquesce away like an ice cube in the amazon. (not Icecube in the amazon, that wasn't an Anaconda reference... Now I've gone and done it. No, NO, there are NOT snakes out deer' dis big. NO.)

But I digress.

I bought my first wireless Xbox controller some many moons ago. I have since wondered how man -- in his highly evolved state -- lived with these 'wires' for so long. I feel as if I've broken free from my strait-jacket and am now running freely through the looney bin ensuing hijinx one could only refer to as mad-cap.

The analogy kinda breaks down there but what I'm trying to say is: If I want to play the console of my choice from the toilet, I can now do so. I don't know why I waited so long to be free.

All the controllers in my possession are now wireless with the exception of those blasted Konga drums and trust me, if they sold wireless ones I'd own them.

Sorry, got a little off topic there.

But really, who wants to call out sick tomorrow? I may just go it alone, play Gaiden all day or something.


DelTron said...





Jon said...

Co-op Bangarang?

Improv-a-holic Mom said...

Dude, I skipped yesterday and was thinking about skipping today and didn't. Damn. Not that I play video games or work out. Just sayin'......

DelTron said...

Hookey was fun. I would say we should do it more often, but that would be a bad thing...

Oh, and Amelie says Ninja Gaiden makes you cuss too much...

Jon said...

All Scott DOES is cuss when he plays that game. I come downstairs and expect to see him being tortured by the Iraqies. I also saw him wing his controller at his TV full force. Like, no shit tried to kill the TV.

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