15 June 2005

Ahem... on to something different

Doing some side stuff for a music production company called Dodge City Entertainment, my buddy Kendrick's baby. So far it's going pretty well so I thought I'd share.

I personally dig the snot out of this design but I don't know if zombie rappers is the kind of feel they're going for in a logo. Oh well, I still plan on getting him some other ideas so he can have a choice in the matter.

Anyways here's what I've been up to.
Click the image for all 4 ideas:


Jon said...

Nice. I think I like the third one the best. Looks good man.

Paul said...

Thanks man. Yeah I dig on that one too. Kendrick seems to like em but he still wants to see some more variety before he goes to his team with them. I can respekt dat.

[-o-] said...

Yeah, the crosshairs really bring attention and focus to it. But what's with the Star Trek insignia? :P

Yeah, I'd like to see some more designs. And it's not like you need to go with only one, right? Variety always spices up an ad campaign.

Paul said...

The Next Generation! HAHA! I didn't see that till now, it's supposed to just be a slash or something, it's actually the bend in a "D" but oh well. I agree with the crosshairs one, sort of an updated and slightly more edgy Public Enemy logo.

I talked to Kendrick and it appears the guys like it but want something a little less complex, something they can easily put on a t-shirt or maybe a chain, as they put it. A logo of my design in metal form? Who'dathunkit?

So it looks like it's back to the drawing table at least for now. I think I'll go in a completely different direction this time, something more on the "bling" side. I'll update here as things progress.

Jon said...

I want some of that Petyo bling. Bring it.

Paul said...

we should do the Baltimore: SF logo in bling form. THAT would be rad!

Speaking of the SF's, I hear they might make an appearance at that BBQ this weekend...

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