22 June 2005

The clipboard

It's something you never see. It exists somewhere in the ethereal plain of the computer macrocosm.

You highlight some text, maybe copy a picture and it's out there, floating in the netherworld, between the screen and somewhere unknown.

With the swift strike of Ctrl+V you summon the contents of the clipboard to do your bidding and think nothing of where they've been. The horrors they must have endured sitting in random access memory, the purgatory of your personal computer.

The clipboard hints at something going on off-camera, something unseen that exists somewhere else. Something you cant touch or feel until you rip it's contents through the screen's surface tension and resuscitate the bloated, twisted corpse that now lies before you.

This, to a geek, is the closest thing we can relate to the afterlife.

Copy and paste.


Jon said...

I have this amusing story about a time that I tried to explain to my mom how cut and paste works and what "the clipboard" is.

No wait, that wasn't an amusing story. That was the time I tried to choke her.

Paul said...

Wait, that sounds funny to ME.

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