23 June 2005

The Misfits of Science

It was long past dark outside by the time we got started. A late night it was going to be for sure. Driving into the city, the street lights shot laser beams across the night sky. It was after 10:30 but we indeed made it out on Friday night.

Let me say this, it's been a while since I've gone out. I've missed it.

My head was already reeling from what we had at Scott's house. Conversation mixed rum and diet coke with lime. Jon was pouring and by the time I got in the car I knew I was already halfway there. I must remember to never drink anything Jon makes on an empty stomach.

Baltimore in a flash, we're out and it's the best weather we've had in weeks. Stars flickered between broken leaves in tree branches, clouds were transparent vapor mist. Not too cold, not too hot.

We would hang around Brewers Art for a while and wait for Kevin to show. The art college crew was out for the semester and in it's place was a fair share of would-be hipsters and jocks. An eclectic mix to say the least. Studded belts, emo hair and football jerseys. This is the fashion Twilight Zone submitted for your approval.

And there we were in the middle, Baltimore City's lunar mare. Not fitting in with either side. We go against the grain, wear our geek on the outside. We stick out. Well, Jon and I do anyways. Though admittedly, neither of us were dressed nerdy tonight. A twisted 2 Live Crew song in the making: Nerdy As We Wanna Be.

Sometimes we wear it with pride, other times we tuck it in, it all depends on the setting. Tonight, for the most part, we were tucked in. Still though, I didn't feel we fit. I don't really feel we fit anywhere.

We settled in at Dionysus, a little hole-in-the-wall bar down the street. It was quiet and had places to sit. Digable Planets was playing over the speakers while a heavily tattooed girl tended bar. We all grabbed some drinks, sat and proceeded to talk for a while. About what, I honestly couldn't tell you. I was pretty wrecked and trying to sober up.

I remember in a haze Jon wrote some funny stuff on the bathroom chalkboard. Yes, the walls were made out of slate. The bathroom was a chalkboard. A novel idea as I'm sure it saves them from having to paint every Monday.

The trip home was quiet. We parted ways with Kevin on the way back to the car, Scott passed out in the back seat and Jon and I tuned out to some music. The road in front of us was damp and everything had that newborn shine.

Back at the house Scott and I cooked up some mini eggos and stuffed our faces while Jon retreated to his gaming den upstairs. I drove home shortly after.

Friday was good, it was a good time, though I still haven't found where in Baltimore I fit exactly.


Jon said...

What's interesting is that we flaunt the geek thing, when we're immersed in geeks we don't exactly fit in either. I hate to sound a dick, but we're just cooler than they are. (and we don't p0wn at Counterstrike :-/ )

We need to find out where the Illuminati hide out in Baltimore, that may be our true circle.

Paul said...


they just dont get it.

prettyminotaur said...

i like geeks.

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