14 November 2005

Friday outings

I had fun Friday. I like getting out early and starting the night as soon as possible. Cheap drinks at happy hour are a definite plus.

Here comes another list.

Things that made Friday a good night in no rational order:

01.) Kevin trying to do a southern accent but falling into a mix between Sean Connery and Christopher Walken.
02.) Southern Accent Hero!
03.) "just givin' em out!"
04.) The Mount Nacho pyramid at Duclaw.
05.) Unexpected marching bands.
06.) Kevin buying me another donut that turned out to be no less than a week old.
07.) The picture I took of Michele where she's trying to flip me off.
08.) Guitar Hero till 3am.
09.) Jen and I laughing on the couch about Michele's God given gift for Guitar Hero.
10.) Caricatures!

11.) The look on Michele's face while the guy drew mine.
12.) Michele giving me the idea for mine. (I'm dumb and can't think of the obvious.)
13.) Jon taking pictures of Jon and I.
14.) Walking into Jen and Kevin's house with Kevin at 4:00pm and finding Jon already there playing Guitar Hero on Kevin's Ps2 that he had dragged from Kevin's room and hooked up downstairs.
15.) Being told about www.ninjai.com
16.) The fact that the guy drawing caricatures could spell "caricature" but needed help spelling "guitar."
17.) "Bits"
18.) Handlebar mustaches.
19.) A stranger's remark about eating pies.
20.) Unintentional creepiness.
21.) Jen eating her words and playing Guitar Hero for the first time and actually liking it.

Anyways, if you don't believe me that all this wonderfulness took place in the span of one evening, well, Jen took pictures. See for yourself!


kbryna said...

well, it's nice to know *someone* had a good friday. someone also has a nice house and a sweet cat. green with envy, i am.

Paul said...

that aint my house, that's Jen's house and yeah it is nice. and yeah I like "Cat!"

Kevin K said...

For Christ sake, I live there too!

That was a good night. Sorry I didn't make it back in time to rock out.

Paul said...

haha, sorry kev.

kbryna said...

well, i was going to say if it's not your house then nevermind. i retract my statement.

but since the house-owner (or resident) has appeared here i had better stick with my original envy of clean houses and nice cats.

i have a messy house (too many books and papers all over the damn place) and nice but slightly hysterical cats.

jenwildcat said...

Yes yes, Kevin lives there too. He is my other pet, and is almost as sweet.

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