01 November 2005

In Stitches

Somewhere around the vicinity of about three-hundred or so, whatever that means. IN MY FUCKING HEAD MAN!! And for what? Well, for a good cause actually, for me. For the only one I'm always gonna have to live with. Really, this is about survival, and betterment. This is something that had to be done. So I did it.

Let the healing begin right?


It's been said that if you sit in one place long enough you'll see everyone you've ever met in your entire life. Up until recently I thought that was a pretty cool insight, until I really thought about how sad it was. If you stay in one place long enough -- maybe your entire life -- of course you'll see everyone you've ever met, you've never moved from your spot. Never grown. People come and go, some come back, some don't, but if you never move... blah, blah, blah.

What measures a person? Experiences? Life?

I've never left this country I was born in. I talk to people everyday who's lives are so incredibly small, but compared to what? Mine? I am surely not the stick to measure by. Not in the slightest. Something in the coming year and years I will rectify. Words have been marked.

I'll go it alone if I have to but I'm leaving, maybe on a jet-plane, maybe not. The only thing for certain is that I'm going and when I come back, the person who left wont be with me.

I understand now that sometimes -- even when things are perfect, or seem so -- those are the things you have to walk away from the fastest.

May I never be content.


DelTron said...

I hope you don't fry this brain like you did the last...

Just stay clear of the pr0n and this one should take to it's host like a good symbian should...

Jon said...

Got room for any stowaways?

Tam said...

What happened? I was just catching up on your last few posts, well several actaully, and it sounds like life has been pretty intersting to say the least. What happened with Kelly? How did things leave off with that guy from your past? Did you have some surgery? What for?
You can email if you want...it's my my first and last name@carolina.rr.com
Hope you feel better soon

Mavlock The Midnightman said...

Sweet, I have been upgraded to "guy from the past".

Paul said...

Sorry Tam, I know I'm being vague but I really just dont feel like talking about it anymore.

Kelly broke up with me. She felt like something was missing.

Martin is from the past and what he did has been forgiven by me, but will never be forgotten.

I had surgery on my head.

What a month huh?

That's pretty much the wrap up. I'm trying to move on.

I really need to call you guys, maybe I can come down and visit soon. I miss my crew. Seriously.

Jon said...


belario said...

i trust that you're feeling well and holding up. i'm glad to hear, as i understand it, none of your brain oozed out during your procedure. ;P

Tam said...

Wow, hope things start to look up for you soon.
Yes, give us a call, and come visit if you can. Esp. this time of the year, the weather is GREAT-low 70's and sunny, the trees are just starting to turn, and it's beautiful! Not to mention, since I'm pregnant, we have LOTS of good food all the time :) Chris is on a break from school till Jan, and Tim has been deployed to LA to help with the clean up, so Chris has lots of free time for right now. I know he'd be happy to have someone to play with ;) Maybe a get-away would be good for you?
Talk to you soon, and I hope you start to feel better.

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