08 November 2005

We need a heRO!!

The top twenty reasons why this past weekend was the fusking shit in no particular order:

01.) Playing Guitar Hero for the first time at Scott's.
02.) Free drinks in Fed Hill via Nick Mutha-Fuckin' Kelly.
03.) Kevin and I playing Guitar Hero while Jen laughed at us.
04.) Four guys in a car screaming Alkaline Trio lyrics driving through Baltimore.
05.) Scott's gaming party.
06.) Jon turning around in his car seat to sing Cake's rendition of "Strangers In The Night" to us in the back.
07.) Chinese Food at Jen's.
08.) When Kevin bought me a Krispy Kreme donut at the gas station.
09.) Some cute girl at the bar who every time I looked at her she was looking at me.
10.) Jon and I out at bars playing Guitar Hero in our heads to every song we heard.
11.) Corinne doing the 'Corinne Dance' while she played Guitar Hero.
12.) Good takeout pizza in Fredneck.
13.) The word: Fusking.
14.) Going undefeated at Soul Calibur 3.
15.) Pissing off Jon cause I was undefeated at Soul Calibur 3.
16.) Dennis and I eating fifty-cent hotdogs at Ikea and buying bomb-ass chairs.
18.) Getting home at two-ish in the morning on Saturday night, jumping up on my bed and playing Guitar Hero loud enough to wake the neighbors, and Dennis.
19.) Planting the travel seed in the minds of friends at Brewer's Art.
20.) Peeing outside.

See a pattern there?
Yeah, this game is ruling me right now:

And here's proof:

Yeah, that's me, on my bed, with a toy guitar, rocking out, playing a friggin' video game! And I wonder why I'm single... Well, at least I'm not in my underwear with a tie around my head.

But really, I don't need no INSTRUCTIONS to know how to ROCK! That shit is FUN, I dare anyone to play it and say it aint.


DelTron said...

You have zero dollars...

You need to rock out.

Jon said...

Wizard needs rock badly!
Wizard needs rock badly!

Paul said...


Paul said...

dude! on medium that Helmet solo friggin KILLS ME!! Sum 41 does too... sheesh, am I ever gonna be a guitar hero?

I only squeak by with a medium rock score on the ZZTop song... there is no hope.

and you know how i know I'm gay? I totally kick ass at Ziggy Stardust.

Kevin K said...

Gentlemen; I give you, the new renaissance.

Paul said...

Thunderdome style!

DelTron said...

I want to be Tina Turner this time!!

No, wait...

Anonymous said...

I can already see it now, the next sickness...
Karaoke, DDR, and Guitar Hero = Dead Gamers!

Rock on!

Paul said...


Beckett Amelia Hughes said...

i'm so embarassed by how much i want to play that game. it looks hella fun, though my skills may be lacking in the guitar playing field. I can do a mean air guitar when i have to though.

Paul said...

That's all the skill you need. The prerequisite has been met. Congratulations, you are ready to rock.

Mavlock The Midnightman said...

Crap I posted anon...
((your commenting skills have decreased))

DelTron said...

As previously stated:

"[You] don't need no INSTRUCTIONS to know how to ROCK! "

That goes for you, Beckett...

Me on the other hand, I am currently offering my "ROCKER" expertise in a professional capacity.

Call 1-888-ROK-TUTOR for a free consultation!

kbryna said...

i think the best thing about this is that youall get to write (and i get to read) the words GUITAR HERO! very frequently.

i just like the concept of a - just one, mind you - GUITAR HERO! (in my head "guitar hero" always, always gets an exclamation point).

also: paul: wishingwell poem is fantastic. some kind of really wonderful ee cummings-rhythmic-lyrical thing going on that i love. not childish, maybe childlike, but i'm curious about the association of wishingwell poem with children.

Paul said...

Yes Guitar Hero(!) is awesome to say. I do it every chance I get.

Ah, you've been to the deviant art page. :) I didn't think anyone went there anymore.

Yeah, I went through a phase where I wrote these little poems, sorta in the vein of shel silverstein. I'd annoy all my friends with them and I got a big kick out of it.

I labeled it a kid's poem because I felt it had a fun, light-hearted nature, also because it doesn't have some overly dramatic pacing.

I wrote other poems as well that I didn't label children's poems. I don't write poetry much anymore, I find it's easier for me to express myself in a more long form format.

kbryna said...

but the wishingwell poem is sad, sort of; nostalgic maybe which is why the association with children or childhood....melancholy? (sorry - i spend my intellectual time thinking about things to do with children and childhood and culture and literature for/about/around children and child things - i could go on about your poem at great length but you'd die of boredom and/or your eyeballs would fall out)

so what do you write? blogs? prose/fiction? monster-narrative-poems (think Paradise Lost, think Wordsworth's Prelude, if those mean anything to you)

i'm putting my english-lit-geek self away now.

i could never be a Guitar Hero! unless i was very very drunk; too shy, too lacking in exhibitionist tendencies. i'd be a much better Guitar Hero! spectator/groupie.

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