21 March 2005

Everybody's gaming for the weekend

Okay, I got my tax return in the mail today and it's perked me up a little. Funny how 14 hundred dollars will do that to you. Anyways, here's some of the pics from the gaming party. Ideally I'd like to host these images myself and create a little sidebar to house a gallery, but that would take hours of tinkering with HTML, and frankly we don't have hours. ;)

So yeah, it was fun, what more can I say. The Gamecube sucks for networking but I'm glad everyone bought/brought their network adapters cause Mario Kart was a blast.

I suck at Halo 2.

The 2 Projectors were awe inspiring and I'm sure I've made friends for life out of the gamestop kids.

All in all, it was a good time but drained me for two days. I'm not hosting the next one. That's all Scott.


Jon said...

That pic of Amelie (sp?) is the bomb.

I built an image browser in Flash last semester, and I hope to go back and polish it off sometime. Unlike what I'm studying this semester, I actually liked Flash programming. It's a great app for the novice programmer.

Paul said...

yeah, you spelled it right. Flash is awesome, and easy to get into, and easy to lose yourself in once you find out how deceptively complex it can be.

DelTron said...

"One of these kids is doin' their own thing...

One of these kids just isn't the same..."

Lori Anderson said...

I finally found you! Loved your Project greenlight. Hey, I live by you now. Hang out sometime?

Paul said...

HOLY CRAP! LORI? SNAP! HAHAH! It's been a while. What're you up to these days? The last time I talked to you, you got a new car and started going to church? Man, it's been years... Weren't you getting married or something?

Not much going on here, working, working, working... playing xbox and gamecube. Got a girl who I'm head over heels for. (not that I wear heels now..) Everything is going pretty darn good. You?

Lori said...

yep same old, same old.
email me and we can chat (please)


i won't steal you away from your girl but we should hang out sometime because we live so darn close now. i remember how long it used to take me to get to your moms. Wow good times! Anyway, you still got that survivor stuff we did, i haven't seen that in years. You know they called me right? it was a year later though, and a different video too. Anyway you look at I MADE IT TO CBS!
miss you - Lori

Paul said...

Same old Lori. Haha! Yeah I still got that stuff. I think I still have that other video we did for that online media class too. Funny.

I'll write.

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