26 March 2005

Everything I knew it could be

Iriver just released a new firmware for US H10 players, it fixes all, and I mean all the bugs. No more bass distortion on some of the lower range EQ settings, no more alphabetical track listings, tracks now list by track number. It's great! Battery life has been marginally extended and the clock now keeps the correct time.

As you can tell the H10 was a little buggy when I got it but was still a great player regardless. Now it's perfect!

If you're reading this and you have an H10 go here NOW and get the update.



Jon said...

Yeah yeah, your iRiver might be nice and pretty, but my Dell still gets it done on the quick and dirty.

(and thanks again for all the music. loving it.)

Baby Sea Tuna said...

That's pretty dope, but my main beef with the iRiver is that their 5g model costs almost as much as a 20g iPod. The only reason I can figure is that it has the color display. Considering the fact that I use the display on my iPod about 7% of the time, I'd much rather have that extra 15 gigs instead. That's why freedom of choice is a beautiful thing...

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