27 March 2005

I took the plunge

I did it. It's been 4 years since I've had a respectable SLR and finally I'm back in business. I mean, I have a freaking bachelors in photography for crying out loud.

Anyways, Canon just dropped the new Digital Rebel XT and pretty much improved on everything that was great about the original Digital Rebel. Including increasing the megapixel rating to 8. And let me just say. WHOA! It's freaking nice. Even at the highest settings with everything jacked the write speed is amazing. Clarity, don't get me started. Every setting is customizable, F-stop, ISO, all the regulars. I cant wait to start making new work.

It feels good to be a photographer again. It feels real good.


[-o-] said...

Best random blog I've come across yet.

Looks like a nice toy you've got there. I'd love to have something like that, too bad it's a couple of thousand dollars outside my price range.

Paul said...

hey random blogger! thanks for the comment. yeah, it was some hefty dough to throw down. Here in the states it's about a thousand, don't know what it is in your area. It still wasnt easy to swallow but it was high time I did something about my declining creativity.

[-o-] said...

Only a thousand? That's about $AU 1200, but Australian electronics tend to be quite a bit more expensive than in the US. But, knowing jack all about photography and camera prices, I would've expected a camera like that to be more than a grand. Anyway, it looks tres cool.

Jon said...


very glad to see you picking up the camera again. we've been playing too many video games lately. (not being facetious either.)

Baby Sea Tuna said...

So jealous! I need me a wee digicam, so I need not remain a slave to my more technologically advanced brethren.

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