17 March 2005

Page design and randomness

I guess I should actually write about something.

So, um, well I just finished making this here page all pretty, I may add some pictures here later. It's got the whole Metal Gear Solid feel goin' on. That's kinda my thing.

I think this would be a cool place to upload some of my artwork or other junk. Yeah, I may do that, which would mean in turn that I should start getting creative again.

I went to the DC Improv on Tuesday. My mom is in this Improv troop, she really likes it. Therapy is what she calls it. To get up on stage and just let go, the feeling must be pretty amazing. I don't think it's something I could ever do. I get too nervous. I'm not really the type to 'bear all.' Anyways, I do enjoy going, and even more so I go and film it and get paid. Yeah, cash is good.

I'm going to be host to one of the biggest gaming parties this side of the universe on Saturday. It should be silly. 16 player Mario Kart action on two 100+ inch projectors and two 27-inch TVs. Mecca isn't the right word, but it's the first word that comes to mind.

If i'm still alive afterwards I'll blog about it and post pictures.

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Jon said...

I like how you went so far as to redo the blogger logo in black and white.


Actually, how did you do it? Email me, I wanna know. In particular I wanna make it so that damn bar at the top of the screen isn't an obnoxious blue.

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